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Note:  We are independent !
d.o.o.intron does not keep touch with the government of Monte Negro or parties there.

www.ulqini.net is an informationserver.
The purpose of it is to present the Town of Ulqini/Ulcinj in the Internet.
On this server you can find information about culture, people and political events of Ulcinj/Ulqini. Beyond it , it serve the albanian community livining in dhe World as a possibility to exchange informations through the Internet.

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 2. November  2000

Would you like to reprezent your work your proffesion your firm or your self in internet? Would you like to get informat for the latest in actual events busines, kulture, politics, or
                        Would you like true the the internet pages to show your image or to wider your cultural knowage
                        Get focusal in your personal things we can make your busines better in whatever need you ask to do for your future venturn
                      Are aim is to comunicate together in this new technology to create the new conections betwen all, every where in all the fields. To bring together the new way in connecting people
                      We can provide the wide range and services true the use of internet
                      -Trade of sales or houses, land, properties, bulding material, infrastrukture, and juridical backing
                      -Contracts bilding and taking care of your houses etc
                      -For the people aboard diaspora we can orgin ase curing and protecting the security of your houses
                      -To also guard and protect your interest
                      -Atvertising your turistic offer, prices managin the care for your news
                     -Airport arangment waidn with the car or any other destination.

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