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By chance not so long ago the river islet of Ada developed on the mouth of the frontier river Buna. In 1958 schooner Merito, owned by Antun Allegretti of Togir, commended by Captain Naporeli, sank in the river. There used to be two small islets on the site. It is supposed that as time passed the river deposited material around the skeleton of the sunk ship and those two islets, and so first a sandbar and then today’s island was formed.
Surfacing the island divided the river into two forks, and itself obtained the triangular shape. It is 2.8 km long in the direction of the water flow, 1.8 km wide, and 3.4m high. Two of the sides are washed by the fresh water of the river, and the third , sandy, beach is lapped by the waves of the sea. The right fork of Buna is bridged, connecting Ada with Great Beach. On the banks of this part of the river Buna were built wooden huts with strange fishing divaces-Kalimera, which make it look like an exotic area of the far east Ada, far away from the world, is a real oasis of peace and relaxation. Its absolute silence is distributed only by the chipping of rare birds and the breaking of waves. Its thick and lush vegetation makes it a special micro ecological world, the home of rare plants and rare animals.
The island holds the modern naturist resort Ada Buna,ready to bring joy to lovers of naturism and complete contact with nature. Many of them return to Ada again and again. 


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